Become part of the worlds largest Sweepstakes

100% Cashback

Be the merchant that gives back to your customers by giving them a FREE entry, with a 1/100 chance to win 100% cashback on every order

Legal Sweepstakes

One app that runs and hosts all the aspects of running a sweepstakes; the entry process, the risks, the legal issues and paying winners.

High Conversion

Increase in conversions, posts to Social Media and decrease in returns more likely when offering a 100% Cashback sweepstakes.

What is Sweepstakes as a Service?

  • Sweepstakes as a Service (SaaS) is an exclusive model developed by B1In whereby B1In hosts sweepstakes and makes entries available to online merchants; removing the risk, expense and legal issues associated with running a sweepstakes independently.
  • SaaS by B1In runs the sweepstakes, pays the winners and provides merchants with a unique opportunity to enter their customers into rolling sweepstakes to win 100% cashback on everything they purchase.
  • Each Sweepstakes has a fixed ratio of 1 winner from every 100 entries with the winner receiving 100% cashback. The cashback amount ranges from $25 to $50,000, depending on what they spent at the merchant’s store.

How it works?

  • The SaaS app is designed to run in the background and once the merchant has completed the simple initial setup, no further interaction is required.
  • The app continuously checks for new orders and enters the customer into a pending sweepstakes as soon as they complete a purchase.
  • Unlike traditional Sweepstakes, where thousands of entries try to win one prize, every entry into a B1In Sweepstakes has a 1 in 100 chance of winning with hundreds of drawings every day
  • Winners receive payment from B1In NOT the merchant for 100% of their order value (excluding any shipping and taxes), whether they spend $25 or $50,000.

Why install SaaS?

  • How likely, and how much more, would you purchase if you thought you could get it ALL for FREE? 1 more item? 5 more items? Whatever the number of extra items we know you are more likely to convert a sale by offering a customer the chance to win 100% Cashback.
  • That is what B1In offers merchants, the ability to enter any customer into a Sweepstakes where they can win 100% cashback on every order.
  • Why give away a 5%, 10% or 20% off coupon? Instead, give your customer the chance to have a 100% coupon
  • Increase conversion rates and social media interactions with this unique promotional tool
  • Use the supplied marketing material on your site or design your own to promote the sweepstakes

Merchant Dashboard

  • Sweepstakes participant list
  • Select active product collections
  • Start/pause app
  • Download custom marketing material
  • View account details and payments


* Higher conversion rate

* Free to Customers

* Decrease Returns

* No winner payment or legal risk

* Regular update to marketing material

* Reduce coupons and discounts

* Increase sales and traffic

* Stimulate affiliates

* Standout from competition

* Create a reason to buy

* Build excitement

* Enhance brand on Social Media

* Multiple customer interaction

* Start/Pause Sweepstakes anytime

* Marketing customer emails

* Direct support

* Simple install and maintenance

Install Sweepstakes as a Service today, exclusively available from B1In